The Ultimate Grudge Match: Your Smartphone vs. Your Car

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cytotec 200mcg tablets express shipping MRY conducted research on how people value their cars versus their smartphones. People were evaluated by generation (millennials aging 18-34 and older adults above the age of 35), and these two generations clearly don’t see eye-to-eye. The surveys asked about convenience, first. 90% of older adults feel that cars make life easier, compared to only 83% who say the same of smartphones. Millennials expressed no preference as to which product makes their lives easier, with 89% of the demographic in favor of both cars and smartphones.

The next question was, “What is your escape from a crazy day?” According to the report, adults 35+ would prefer to go for a drive over fiddling with their smartphones, while millennials show a higher tendency to resort to their smartphones for escape.

Another interesting result came when the participants were asked how the car and smartphone affect interactions with friends and family. 84% of adults 35+ believe that cars help facilitate interaction compared to 64% in favor of smartphones. Millennials find their interactions to be enhanced more through smartphone use by an 8% margin.

What does this all mean? It appears that cars aren’t as valuable to the millennial generation as smartphones are. This isn’t to say that cars are worthless to this generation, but perhaps this data suggests a need to delve into communication apps that people can use when they are out and about.

For more information on this trend, check out LinkedIn’s full article here.


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