The World Cup of Startups

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Keppra purchase canada Startups are finding their spotlight at this year’s World Cup games.  By developing products that attract football fanatics around the world, they grabbed the attention of the 3 billion+ people watching the tournaments.  Not a bad marketing technique, huh?  Here are the six startups from Forbes that are shining brighter than the big name brands that paid millions for marketing.


1) LulzBot created an advanced 3D printer to produce a “bionic exoskeleton that helped a paralyzed Brazilian teen deliver the first kick of the World Cup.”

2) RapidMiner created a software that collected data, stats, and more to accurately predict the winner of the World Cup back in 2010. This year, they are letting the users create their own algorithm to predict a winner.

3) set up Uncharted Play  built an energy-harnessing soccer ball and are now coming out with more products for different sports.

4) buy chloramphenicol filter Luminoso is the one-stop shop for World Cup watchers who want the most important social media conversations from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all in one place.

5) help Dashbell  helps boutique hotels in Brazil get their brands marketed to travelers in order to boost booking rates.

6) her response AutoAmigothe online store for Spanish speaking Americans to buy cars, came out with the Million Dollar World Soccer Challenge where they will give $1 million dollars to anyone who correctly picks the World Cup matches.


To read more about these startups click here.



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