This Startup is Changing Behavior One Click At A Time

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Going Here It’s a decision we’ve been making since we were teenagers: Spend time with the family, or spend time with friends? How we divvy up our time can often determine what kind of person we are and what our family and friends think of us. Are you the family man, or the life of the party with friends? Startup See Your Folks, founded by Luke Tipping, Daniel George, Robert Holmkvist and Omar Karim, is quantifying something you may or may not want to know. By filling out a few simple fields utilizing the World Health Organization Life Expectancy Data, See Your Folks will let you know statistically speaking how many times you will see your parents before they pass.

Some find this quite disturbing, but Tipping feels that this will help to inspire behavior change.  Tipping explains, “Sometimes we’re so busy growing up we forget that our parents are growing old.  Increasing awareness of death can help us to make the most of our lives. The right kind of reminders can help us to focus on what matters, and perhaps make us better people.”  He continues with, “Whatever the result is, it’ll never be enough.”

While some may wonder what the point is if it will never be enough, the answer seems pretty clear:  See Your Folks will help to create behavior change and hopefully help you make your next family or friends decision.

So the next time you’re struggling between friends or family, try See Your Folks out here, and see what decision you end up making.

Sara is one of our Content and Community Associates at [L]earned Media. Sara is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with dual degrees in Integrative Arts and Advertising. She comes to [L]earned Media with both design and advertising experience and to pursue interests in the social, web-based relationships that brands and consumers share.

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