Twitter: Turning Us Into One Big Family Of Modern Scribes

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his comment is here visit site Last month, Modern Family Director Ryan Case reportedly sat “behind the worst person in the world” on an airplane. She live-tweeted the situation between “Worst Person” and “Worst Person’s Neighbor,”  a man from the Middle East, who, to his neighbor’s dismay:

  • Does not drink, nor appreciates mockery of his accent
  • Does not personally know David Guetta, nor has ever been to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
  • Believes earphones should be audible only to the person wearing them
  • Prefers not to be photographed, nor kissed on the neck
  • Definitely is not down for plane “fun”

Similarly, this month, a Manhattanite overheard a conversation in a restaurant between two people who met on Tinder — “the Ron Burgundy of trust fund babies” and an Asian girl who seemed “normal but inexplicably into him” — and immediately took to Twitter.

According to the tweets:

  • He was already on his third Tinder date of the day (of more to come… as he resumed right-swiping while his date was in the bathroom)
  • And he was clearly on his game: covering every topic from his wine collection, to his daughter, to his “healthy lifestyle” of napping and smoking weed or otherwise seriously investing in ‘whatever he wants,’ to his love of fighter planes, safaris, and guns, and his understanding of Obama as “the Trojan horse of Islam”


Why do we feel the urge to transcribe the things people say?

Woman on Plane explains: “I’m tweeting this so one of you will fund my defense team at my eventual murder trial.”

But more in line with what the Manhattanite says about ‘people being people,’ it may be similar to the reason we scribble down a dream at the moment we wake up: to reflect on the ridiculous possibilities of reality before they escape us, never to return quite the same.

Twitter makes capturing these moments easy and natural – and downright necessary.

We find humor in absurdity, and feel joy and comfort in sharing it. If there’s one thing modern social technology, especially Twitter, truly facilitates and expresses to its global citizens, it’s that people in this world will never cease to surprise you.

So, that’s awesome. Tweet away.

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