Twitter Unveils Detailed Analytics for iOS Users

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how to purchase antabuse buy priligy in thailand Twitter recently unveiled expanded access to analytics data in the latest version of its iOS application which allows users to track engagements and other metrics for their tweets and profile. Users can easily tap on a “View Analytics Details” option for any tweet to see this newly revealed data, making Twitter metrics more broadly accessible to its user base.

While this data was initially targeted at Twitter advertisers and publishers for paid and boosted posts, it is now a handy resource that is available to the broad public for both paid and organic posts.

Twitter had not yet released an official statement via their main channels, but Twitter front end engineer, Ian Chan, released a tweet stating, “Happy holidays! We just launched mobile Tweet analytics for iOS! Congrats to the team.”

On the web, the dashboard displays more detailed metrics, while on the iOS app, the engagement data is presented in a more simplified and highlighted format. In other words on iOS, Twitter will display the most important and relevant information for the tweet.

This new feature will either show how popular you really are, or have you realize that you are sadly tweeting to yourself.  To learn more about Twitter’s new analytics dashboard for iOS, click here.

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