Want To Win Over Millennials With Your Marketing? Tell Them A Story.

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http://sustainablesharon.org/green-reel-collaborative-film-series/ For marketers the importance of capturing the Millennial audience is paramount; however, it doesn’t come without a few challenges. The Millennial generation (19 – 36) are the largest generation in U.S. history with a higher average household income (est. $60,000) than previous generations before them. This means that they have a greater purchasing power (est. 1.68 Trillion) and thus have become the core target of recent marketing efforts.

Not only do they have a large purchasing power, but they also have a different lifestyle than their parents or grandparents. Their dreams are no longer to get a job, get married, and buy a house- they want more and want to do more. They have an abundance of options in life that makes them “particularly picky” when choosing to purchase something or work with someone.

Because of this, brands need to appeal to Millennials’ new way of living and appeal to their unique values: happiness, passion, diversity, sharing, and discovery. Brands that are doing exceptionally well targeting Millennials, Warby Parker, Everlane, & Uber to name a few, are capturing their attention by telling a story that’s bigger than “Faster. Better. Cheaper”. These brands speak to how their products solve real consumer problems or do something for the greater good. The brands touch on their heartstrings and make it known that it is looking out for their needs as a consumer. All these brands answer the question of Why? – Why should I care and buy from you?

Developing this compelling story is the first hurdle. Telling the story is the next. Yahoo’s recent study, in collaboration with DigitasLBi, razorfish, and tumblr, give five content marketing tips to help a brand’s story “shine” with Millennials by using content marketing:

  1. Tell your story natively through creative content that’s worth sharing – don’t try to mislead them.
  2. Keep evolving to meet millennials needs – but always keep your brand’s unique personality.
  3. Content that is rooted in humor and fun speaks to the their lifestyle.
  4. Don’t judge their decisions.
  5. Be where they are and act like one of them.

When brands are successful at this Millennials will become its’ biggest advocates. They will share press/articles about it (earned media) and talk to it directly on Social Media. They will be willing to buy from the brand even if it is the more expensive option. Most importantly, brand’s are likely to keep Millennials as lifelong customers.


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Arielle (also known as Ari) is a Strategy & Account Manager at [L]earned Media. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo with a degree in Psychology, she came to [L]earned Media to pursue her interest in digital brand strategy.

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