Weird Al Ahead of the Marketing Game

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where to buy viagra in malaysia pharmacy Chances are that in your lifetime you’ve heard some spoof by Weird Al Yankovic. Weird Al is really onto something – not a new song, not a new spoof, but a marketing technique nobody saw coming from him. Bob Lefsetz writes, “Weird Al didn’t see sponsorship as a way to rip-off corporations to enhance his bottom line, he saw it as a way to broaden his audience. Al literally piggy-backed on his sponsors, using them to broaden his audience. He got money for videos from partner sites, but most importantly, said videos were featured on these partner sites, bringing him to their people.”{search_term_string} So, Weird Al is getting some amazing exposure. On Spotify, Al had 3,282,937 plays just last week. Al’s clips for his new album release  have 46 million views and counting. To top it off, last week Al’s Wikipedia page had 575,000 views. So what’s the point? His digital presence is so large, that it doesn’t even matter if he sells albums or is featured in papers, he is making money online. Every click to a video, a page or something about him spreads the word and puts money in his pocket. Talk about a neat (and free) marketing technique.

Kara is a Summer Associate at [L]earned Media. She is in her third year at Syracuse University studying Communications, but is an original New York City girl. Kara has had extensive training in social media marketing and plans to pursue journalism, as well as her passion for acting.

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